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Pet Surgery

Pet Surgery

When your pet is in need of surgery, we are proud to provide complete surgical services here. From traditional pet surgery services to orthopedic services, we can take care of your pet.

Traditional Veterinary Surgery

At MetroWest Veterinary Clinic, our team provides a full range of traditional soft tissue surgeries, including the standard spay and neuter to mass removals, and foreign body removals.

Orthopedic Surgery for Pets

Our veterinarians are trained and equipped to provide a range of exceptional orthopedic care for our patients. We offer surgical services including ACL repair, fracture repair, and patella luxation repair. We also offer referral orthopedic specialists on site. This allows you and your pet to remain comfortable in surroundings you are familiar with while receiving the expert care of a specialist.


Cryosurgery is a surgical process that uses the local application of intense cold to destroy unwanted tissue. We can use this technique to remove growths, moles and skin tags safely and with minimal discomfort.

Surgical Monitoring

Surgical monitoring is a critical aspect of surgical care. During your pet’s surgery, you can rest assured that they will be monitored by our team members and by dedicated electronic monitoring to ensure their safety at all times. In keeping with our AAHA accreditation, we are committed to maintaining the highest surgical standards at our practice.

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