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Cat Care in Orlando, FLCat Care in Orlando, FL

We are proud to go above and beyond for our cat care patients, providing exceptional veterinary care and a feline-friendly atmosphere. Dr. Callahan and Dr. Delmain each have over 30 years of experience caring for our cat friends. We understand their unique needs!  Dr. Delmain is ABVP Board Certified in Feline Medicine, and was instrumental in helping us achieve our recognition as a Gold Certified Cat Friendly Practice.

Our animal hospital has been a Gold Certified Cat Friendly Practice since 2015. This certification indicates our dedication to providing excellent care specifically with the needs of cats in mind. As a cat friendly practice we:

  • Are aware of the unique needs of cats
  • Make veterinary visits more cat friendly by keeping spaces quieter, separating cats and dogs
  • Engage in gentle, empathetic, and caring handling methods for our feline patients
  • Utilize appropriate equipment needed for proper feline care
  • Meet the highest standards of care and facilities for hospitalized cats

To book an appointment for your cat at our Cat Friendly Practice call 407-295-2744 or use the online form!


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