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Pet Diagnostics in Orlando, FL

Pet Diagnostics in Orlando, FL: Girl, happy dog, boy and cat under blanket

Pet diagnostics are among the most critical tools for determining if your dog or cat has a medical condition. At our animal hospital, we utilize exceptional diagnostic tools to provide our patients with the best possible care.

To talk with a veterinarian about pet diagnostics call 407-295-2744 or book an appointment online.

We are equipped with the following state-of-the-art diagnostic tools:

Digital X-Ray. Our digital x-ray tool allows us to visualize the inside of your pet’s body to identify foreign bodies, abnormal growths, pregnancies, and more. The digital system exposes your pet to less radiation, making x-rays safer than ever before. The images captured with a digital x-ray system are also more convenient because they can be saved as digital files.

Digital Dental X-Ray. The MetroWest Veterinary Clinic team is proud to provide one of the best diagnostic tools available to help us identify any potential dental conditions. Every dental we do includes a full set of dental x-rays. Seeing what is below your pet’s gum line can help us provide the best care for your pet.

Ultrasound. We utilize the ultrasound tool as a more detailed way to visualize your pet internally. Ultrasound is often used to check on soft-tissues, internal organ function, and to identify pregnancies. We offer in-house ultrasounds as well as referral ultrasounds on premises for more complex cases.

Laboratory. We are equipped with an in-house laboratory, enabling us to process diagnostic test results quickly and efficiently. We are able to process a number of diagnostic tests in our hospital. We do also utilize an outside lab when further testing is needed.

If you have questions about our diagnostic tools, please contact our team by calling 407-295-2744 or using the online form! We look forward to working with you to provide answers about your pet’s care.

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